Personality Tests

Here’s a link to a fun site with lots of personality tests: SimilarMinds.Com. I’ve only checked out the Short Test under the Jung Tests category. But it correctly identified me as an ISTJ. It’s a good short version of Myers Briggs to get you started if you’ve never taken the test before. But I do recommend that you take the full test and have it administered by someone who can tell you what it all means.

Myers Briggs isn’t about what you are and what you aren’t. It’s about your preferences. At its best, it will help you understand more about yourself and your friends/family/colleagues/etc. so you can have better relationships.


3 Responses to Personality Tests

  1. meg says:

    This is so weird, maybe all the introvert bloggers are stating to come out at once. Just set up a blog myself this weekend re introverts and how we are perceived by the world.

    I am trying to get into networking, so have a look and leave a comment if you feel to.

  2. wien1938 says:

    I think it is because the electronic medium gives us space to express what we feel and think.
    I discovered my type two months ago. Never looked back.
    INTJ. Good sides and bad sides.

  3. doesitblog says:

    Accurate for me. INTJ.

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