The Introvert Manifesto

This blog started based on a few things:

The fabulous article by Jonathan Rauch from The Atlantic Online in March 2003 entitled Caring for Your Introvert. It’s the article that started it all. See the follow-up articles here and here.

A thread conversation on BlogHer about the need for an Introvert Manifesto (credit goes to Caroline for the title!).

A conversation with my sister about her introvert daughter and why she doesn’t like parties.

I hope this is a place for all of us introverts to gather, discuss, share, lament and cope with all the extroverts in our lives. Let me know what you want to see here!


2 Responses to The Introvert Manifesto

  1. caroline says:


    thanks for starting this up. i am so glad we have a manifest now. it looks great- i hope all of us quiet sorts start pouring in. sorry to be behind in commenting… i have been overhauling the organization of my new blog and redesigning today as well as getting regular work done. oi. so much for an introvert to do, all while safely still in the house.

    great work. let’s keep the conversation going.

  2. Susan says:

    Thanks, Caroline. The credit for the title goes to you. I hope to be able to post lots of stuff for us introverts to discuss, all from the safety of our favorite computer.

    Checked out your blog — very nice! Design looks great.

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